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My message to you….

As you live & breathe realize that You are loved!  God’s desire for you is that you know that you are not alone as you travel on your journey.


By your side are Angels & Guides caring, nurturing & whispering encouragement into your ears & your heart. Your departed loved ones & animal companions remain closer than you may realize.


You are a powerful, limitless, spiritual being with your own unique gifts & a divine life purpose. By your free will you can embrace who you are and begin to fulfill what you came here to do. 


By opening up your own divine gifts you will be able to communicate with your guides and angels. You will also be able to see the Divine Spark of God in everyone you encounter along your path.


All you have to do is ask…...


May Your Guides & Angels be by Your Side, enfold you in their wings and comfort you always.


              Love, Light & Peace


Celestial Connections Holistic Center

Blandon, Pa. 19510

Phone: 610.401.5350

Email: connectionsbymaree@gmail.com